Upcoming Classes

ProEd is offering In-Person classes in your area in 2022.

Greg Olson, Barry Stranz, and Jeannie Olson are all looking forward to seeing you this CE season.

As always ProEd will be offering Coffee and goodies in the Morning and a Box lunch. Classes start at 7:30am and we teach through lunch getting you out at 2:30pm and back to the jobsite.

Certificates and Credits

• 7 MN DLI credit hours

Each class is worth 7 CE credits for Residential Contractor, Remodeler, and Building Officials with Energy and Business hours.


• Greg Olson


• Barry Stranz

Don’t forget to check if your EPA RRP is due, and remember your FIRM date is different than your Renovator education renewal date. Feel free to reach out to Jeannie 1.651.301.2121 with any questions concerning this or any of your education.

wdt_ID Date Class Location
1 01/12/2022 Refresher EPA RRP & Code Update South Saint Paul
2 01/25/2022 Contractor Remodeler Update 2022 Owatonna
3 01/28/2022 Contractor Survival Guide 1 South Saint Paul
4 02/01/2022 Refresher EPA RRP & Code Update South Saint Paul
5 02/04/2022 Contractor Remodeler Update 2022 South Saint Paul
6 02/08/2022 Initial EPA RRP South Saint Paul
7 02/11/2022 Contractor Remodeler Update 2021 Live Webinar
8 02/15/2022 Contractor Remodeler Update 2022 North Branch
9 02/17/2022 Business Hour Live Webinar
10 02/17/2022 Energy Hour Live Webinar
Jeannie Olson

Call Jeannie to get your questions answered.