People Love Our Training

We think people love our services, instructors, and performance.  We are biased though so don’t take our word for it. Here is what actual students are saying about ProEd:

  • “Great! — Time went too fast!”
    Ron S., Maple Grove
  • “Excellent!”
    Brian A., Woodbury
  • “Very enjoyable and educational.”
    Rick O., Maple Grove
  • “Good content, well explained. Greg was very helpful!
    Matt H., North Mankato, MN.
  • “Same as always with Barry, uplifting and interesting. Love the location, content is Great!”
    Tom P., Maple Grove
  • “Greg is a very good speaker, kept it interesting.
    Cliff E., North Mankato, MN.
  • “Informative, Lively, Enjoyable. I enjoy Barry’s knowledge and attitude.”
    Bill S., Maple Grove
  • “Content was great and up to date, Greg did a wonderful job.”
    Dave H., Rochester, MN.
  • “Funny and the course was informative!”
    Dustin B., Rochester, MN.
  • “Location was great, the room was functional. the instructor was excellent!”
    Tim T., Maple Grove

Download 2018’s ProEd Class Lineup Here –  Call 1-651-301-2121 To Resister or click Contractor Update 2018 or Remodeler Update 2018 to sign up online!

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