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You’ve trusted ProEd for years to get you innovative and entertaining training, just in time and right on the mark. Scroll down the page to read about all four new course offerings.

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This year ProEd will be teaching four different courses that will help you be better and make more money.  Our online registration is available or you can call 1-651-301-2121 and talk to Jeannie to reserve your seat now.

Contractor/Remodeler Update 2019

This year ProEd is combining our Contractor Update course and Remodeler Update course into one course – Contractor/Remodeler Update 2019.

The reasons for this are simple, the state of Minnesota is changing the MN Residential Building Code, the Federal EPA RRP, and will be licensing Radon Testing and Radon Mitigation Professionals starting 1/1/2019.

These three significant changes will affect every licensed category as well as non-licensed, but MN DLI Registered Contractors who perform work for Licensed Contractors, Licensed Remodelers, and Licensed Roofers.

Con/Rem Up will cover what you need to know regarding the new proposed building code changes, getting up to speed quicker than your competition so when the new code drops you will be ready.

As always, Contractor/Remodeler Update 2019 class offerings start at 7:30 AM and end at 2:30 PM, include donuts and coffee in the AM and a box lunch. ProEd teaches through lunch getting you out the door and back to the jobsite so you can keep earning!

This course has been submitted to the Department of Labor & Industry for 7 hours, including an hour of Energy.

ProEd’s Contractor Survival Course 1

ProEd’s Contractor Survival Course 2

Congratulations, you have passed the MN Residential Contractors Exam! Now what? Long gone are the days when being a residential home builder, remodeler, or roofer meant getting up in the morning and going to the job site and pounding nails and the biggest threat was walking into the back end of a board. Today’s modern builder needs to be well versed in all the risks and rewards offered to them in one of the most self-fulfilling occupations left to the entrepreneur, the Professional Home Builder.

ProEd’s Residential Contractor Survival Guide is a multi-day, multi-course series that takes a more developed view of the risks and rewards facing the licensed residential contractor in today’s Minnesota work environment.

Houses: from Grade to Gable

ProEd’s newest course offering, Houses: From Grade to Gable looks at what are the best practices in building today’s home. The Building Code is a minimum standard to build to, what is the marketplace demanding from builders as they build for their clients?

Topics covered in Grade to Gable include:

  • Building on bad soils.
  • Level or flat, which is the best for your floor cap?
  • Is that what you really see? Understanding drywall finishes.
  • The Energy Code & Fiberglass insulation.
  • Floor Surfaces & Finishes.
  • Ceiling Surfaces & Finishes.
  • Siding Surfaces & Finishes.
  • Roof Coverings.

Houses: From Grade to Gable has been submitted to MN DLI for 7 credit hours and to WI DPS for 7 credit hours.

Register online at, or as always give Jeannie a call at our office and she can register you over the phone. 1-651-301-2121 All classes start at 7:30 AM and run through to 2:30 PM, ProEd includes coffee & donuts in the AM and a box lunch eliminating the need to pause the class while everyone hunts down a place to eat!

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