Houses: From Grade to Gable

ProEd’s newest course offering, Houses: From Grade to Gable looks at what are the best practices in building today’s home. The Building Code is a minimum standard to build to, what is the marketplace demanding from builders as they build for their clients?

Topics covered in Grade to Gable include: 

  • Building on bad soils. 
  • Level or flat, which is the best for your floor cap? 
  • Is that what you really see? Understanding drywall finishes. 
  • The Energy Code & Fiberglass insulation. 
  • Floor Surfaces & Finishes. 
  • Ceiling Surfaces & Finishes. 
  • Siding Surfaces & Finishes. 
  • Roof Coverings. 

Houses: From Grade to Gable has been submitted to MN DLI for 7 credit hours and to WI DPS for 7 credit hours. 

Register online at, or as always give Jeannie a call at our office and she can register you over the phone. 1-651-301-2121 All classes start at 7:30 AM and run through to 2:30 PM, ProEd includes coffee & donuts in the AM and a box lunch eliminating the need to pause the class while everyone hunts down a place to eat! 

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