Contractor/Remodeler Update 2019

This year ProEd is combining our Contractor Update course and Remodeler Update course into one course – Contractor/Remodeler Update 2019.

The reasons for this are simple, the state of Minnesota is changing the MN Residential Building Code, the Federal EPA RRP, and will be licensing Radon Testing and Radon Mitigation Professionals starting 1/1/2019.

These three significant changes will affect every licensed category as well as non-licensed, but MN DLI Registered Contractors who perform work for Licensed Contractors, Licensed Remodelers, and Licensed Roofers.

Con/Rem Up will cover what you need to know regarding the new proposed building code changes, getting up to speed quicker than your competition so when the new code drops you will be ready.

In addition, the class covers:

  •  MN Health’s takeover of the Federal EPA Repair, Renovate, and Paint Rule. The new state RRP rule will affect any licensee or registered contractor that works on homes built before 1978.
  • Up until now you have been able to install radon mitigation systems in the additions and remodeling projects you have built. Do you know if you will be able to continue that into 2019? Con/Rem Up 2019 spells out the new licensing requirements so you will know what you need to do to perform for your clients.
  • Decks, are they your next profit margin boosters? They might be if you could turn them quicker while producing a safer end product. This course takes a look at the deck footing system and discusses how to speed up foundation installation.
  • Also covered is a discussion about Exterior Insulating Finishing Systems, is this a dead product or does it have new life? What can be done about it, and what do you need to know? ProEd has you covered on EIFS!
  • Finally, every contractor needs an hour of energy every two years. Con/Rem Up 2019 delivers with a look at air to water heat exchangers, do they work in our harsh winter climate? Will it be the next “big thing”? We present the data, you decide!

As always, Contractor/Remodeler Update 2019 class offerings start at 7:30 AM and end at 2:30 PM, include donuts and coffee in the AM and a box lunch. ProEd teaches through lunch getting you out the door and back to the jobsite so you can keep earning!

This course has been submitted to the Department of Labor & Industry for 7 hours, including an hour of Energy.


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