Happy New Year! Now, Get To Work!

To quote every motivation speaker, ever: “If you’re not moving forward, you’re falling behind”  ProEd knows it feels like that.  You just did your continuing education work and now you have to do it again.

We feel your pain.

That’s why we cram so much useful information into each course.  If you have to take the class you should be able to use it to get ahead.

Classes are available for registration now, including Contractor-Remodeler Update 2019, Contractor Survival One and Two, and our newest course – “Houses: from Grade to Gable”.

Register now at classes.proedresource.com or call Jeannie at 1-651-301-2121.

All classes start at 7:30 AM and run through to 2:30 PM, ProEd includes coffee & donuts in the AM and a box lunch eliminating the need to pause the class while everyone hunts down a place to eat! 

Welcome 2019!

All of us here at ProEd Resources wish everyone a happy and prosperous New Year.

To all contractors, remodelers, and real estate and construction professionals – for providing us with quality housing in 2018, we say “Thank You!” for a great year, we’re looking forward to working with you in 2019.

A New Beginning . . .

A long time ago, in a farmhouse far, far away . . . ProEd was created!

Created with the goal of providing useful, timely and interesting training to contractors, realtors and home inspectors.  We put up a web site, opened our doors and went to work.  We went up against the big guys and became the leader in our markets.

Now we are releasing the next generation of that web site with the goal of bringing together the best of classroom in-person training and quality on-demand online training.

The new registration system for ProEd is now live and great online training is around the corner.  Check out https://classes.proedresource.com to see our course schedule and book your continuing education.

Coffee and Donuts

It is a little thing, but isn’t it the little things that make the difference?

Every ProEd class starts with coffee and donuts in the morning and includes a box lunch.  It’s a little thing but, we teach through lunch so you can get back to your  business.

We start at 7:30 so you don’t spend your whole day in class, another little thing.

ProEd also understands the busy life of a contractor (we lived it) and the curves that get thrown at you (Snow days!) so no worries if you have to reschedule a class. That’s just one more of the little things that has helped you make ProEd a leader in contractor continuing education.

Under Construction!

We at ProEd know that you are building a career and are proud to be a part of that job.

Like you, we too are building.  This site and blog are just the first elements in our Internet renovation.  We have a new learning site coming any day that will make it easier to find and register for your classroom-based continuing education.

Once that is up we’ll be bringing you online CE as well through the same site.  We think you’ll love having access to the same great instruction and teachers in the comfort of your living room or the convenience of your job site.

Plus, we just announced our new course schedule for 2018 (available here).  Until our new learning site is launched you can reserve your spot – Call Jeannie at 1-651-301-2121 to reserve your seat now.